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Emoji Diary
UX/UI Design 

Emoji Diary is a design proposal for a diary app that uses emoji as a language to record your life and important memories in the quickest and simplest way.

App Introduction

Being able to keep the trace of your life is important. Even with the simplest marks or words, people can bring back their most important memories. The Emoji-diary app uses an emoji set to allow the user to keep track of their life in the simplest and quickest way, and also easily allows you to get into the app and look through the records you’ve made. Emojis are a strong, universal visual language with great variation that one can create a whole story with, and Emoji Diary will help people record their memory in the most efficient way.

App Simulation

Video of Emoji Diary app simulation. Prototype was produced with Sketch and Principle and was recorded in Principle. 

Logo Animation

A promotional logo animation created for the app.

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